Four Distasteful Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Halloween has slowly turned into one big giant excuse for girls to dress slutty. Yes, for better or (more likely) worse, Halloween is that one day a year where girls reveal their inner hooker and their outer side boob, all while downing a PBR at their favorite neighborhood hotspot.

Nobody really knows how this tradition came about but, year after year, Halloween superstores continuously roll out the season’s trendiest costumes — all vaguely reminiscent of the year’s hit movie or most popular super hero. Except a whole lot sluttier.

There are entire websites dedicated to offering you “Slutty Halloween Costumes in a wide variety of styles and sizes From Ho’s to Biker Chicks to Nurses, Pop Stars and much more,” blah, blah, blah.

But here’s the deal: These things can get expensive. So, to help you reveal your inner party monster this Halloween on a budget, we’re here to show you four different, cheap and easy, do-it-yourself Halloween get-ups. Any girl should own the basics to these costumes — a bikini, a pair of heels, short shorts, a tank top and some red lipstick. The rest can be found at your nearest dollar store.


Miss USA
Approximate Cost: $7.
Supplies: A skimpy bikini, high heels, a cheap tiara, a strip of thick ribbon and a permanent marker.
Directions: Cut your ribbon to look like a sash. Write “MISS USA” on it with your marker. Put on your bikini, heels, tiara and sash. Avoid geography questions at all costs.


Girls Gone Wild Girl
Approximate Cost: $2.
Supplies: Short shorts, a tank top, a piece of black poster board, white chalk and duct tape.
Directions: Dress yourself in shorts and a tank top, with a bikini top underneath. Cut a piece of the black poster board to fit just over your breast area. Write “CENSORED” on the board in white chalk. Lift your tank top and tape the sign to your chest.
Then, uh, go wild, I guess.


Train Wreck
Approximate Cost: $8.
Supplies: Your own personal, favorite slutty outfit, a few toy trains and a piece of string.
Directions: Dress yourself as slutty as possible. Smear your make up so as to make yourself look like a hooker. Tie the trains to the string and place around your neck. Accessorize this costume with a few bottles of whiskey and a pack of Camel Crushes. Oh and don’t worry, people are supposed to stare.


Home Base
Approximate Cost: $2.
Supplies: A bikini, two pieces of white poster board, a black marker, two pieces of string and some tape.
Directions: Put on your bikini. Cut both pieces poster board to look like a home base. Write “HOME BASE” on both pieces of poster board. Tie strings to inside of boards to make shoulder straps. Place the boards over your shoulders. Tell people you’re really into baseball or whatever.

Photographer: Kalan Briggs
Model: Skye Stonem
Costumes Designer: Melissa Mackaly

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