Parquet Courts Teams Up With Bun B and Dallas Gets A Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Other than Melania Trump making Michelle Obama‘s speech great again, Stephen Colbert stealing the stage has been the big story of the 2016 Republican National Convention thus far.

Just a few days before that, though, Colbert was more gracious with his own stage, turning things over once again to Parquet Courts, which performed “Captive of the Sun” on The Late Show this past Thursday.

This latest human performance by the late-night vets is especially noteworthy thanks to a surprise visit from UGK legend Bun B, who comes out to rap a special second verse with the Denton ex-pats, and sticks around to play hype man.

And another Late Show vet will add a new notch to his late-night television belt when Jordan Richardson appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this evening, playing drums for Domo Genesis. They, too, will be joined by a special guest in the form of Anderson .Paak. Hope that wasn’t supposed to be a surprise!

Speaking of folks that have been on TV before, former America’s Got Talent talent, John “Headbanger” Hetlinger joined Drowning Pool on stage at Chicago’s Open Air Festival over the weekend to perform his favorite karaoke jam, “Bodies.” The 82-year-old kicked all the ass.

Frequent ass-kicker — and huge John Prine fanKacey Musgraves, meanwhile, added another couple of kickass bullet points to her already impressive resume of late. For one, she and fellow North East Texas girl Miranda Lambert are just two of Prine’s singing partners on his upcoming duets album, a sort of sequel to 1999’s In Spite of Ourselves. Of course, much like Prine, Musgraves is an extremely talented songwriter and lyricist on her own, and the title passage from her song “Follow Your Arrow” is one of the bits of lyrics that’ll be featured on Coca-Cola bottles as part of its new “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign this summer. Likewise, Kelly Clarkson‘s “A Moment Like This” is another of the many songs the soda company will be using on its packages.

North Texas is no stranger to brilliant songwriters, though. And even the ones who aren’t being canonized on cola labels are earning some recognition. The Dallas Songwriters Association is launching a Dallas Songwriters Hall of Fame this month, with blues pioneers Blind Lemon Jefferson and T-Bone Walker as its inaugural inductees. An official ceremony, featuring a performance by Jimmy Wallace & the Stratoblasters, will be held at Sons of Hermann Hall this Friday, July 22.

Another surefire Hall of Famer in our books, Erykah Badu, further cemented her own legendary status recently with the announcement that proceeds from her August 12 performance at Detroit’s Chene Park Amphitheater will go to a charity that’ll help the city work through its 11,000-plus backlog of untested rape kits. She ill.

Taking up a different cause is Dead to a Dying World guitarist Sean Mehl, who turned to the digital pages of Noisey to speak out about depression. On that note, this is as good a time as any to remind people in Dallas suffering from depression can always turn to Foundation 45, which offers free, weekly counseling sessions and a suicide prevention hotline. Those in need can call 1-800-273-TALK or text 741-741.

Moving on, this October’s second annual So What?! Fall Edition announced its first round of bands. Some of the acts playing The Prophet Bar (both rooms), Three Links, Dada, Curtain Club and Liquid Lounge as part of the three-day affair include 7 Minutes in Heaven, Dance Gavin Dance, The News Can Wait, Hawthorne Heights, The Academy Is…‘s William Beckett and this column’s faves from the bunch, The White Noise. Check out the full list (so far) and snag some tickets here.

In video news, Picnic Lightning premiered a clip for “American Ruin,” the lead single from the self-titled LP coming out September 2 via Fort Worth’s Dreamy Life Records.

Likewise, Northern National also released a vid for its 2015 single “Love is a Fire.” Hashtag TBT to that time they played up in Reunion Tower. That was pretty cool.

Also, Dallas ex-pats Crown the Empire released a video for “Hologram” that’s alright but would be a whole lot more kickass if it was actually a hologram. That’d be pretty cool.

Finally, on a sad note, Jordan “JoJo” Walker, keyboard player for virtuoso party band The Found (among others) has died. He and his girlfriend Tiffany Turner were killed in a car wreck early last Tuesday morning. They will both be missed.

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