More Record Store Day Celebrations Are Announced and Doug Burr's Back In Business, Too.

As we find ourselves enjoying a nice April Fool's Eve, we're reminded that the eighth annual Record Store Day is nigh upon us.

Of course, the fact that both Good Records and Josey Records announced their respective lineup of in store performances for that April 18 celebration yesterday also signifies as much.

But these are far from the only record stores in the area. And though their own announces were met with far less fanfare, there's other local RSD celebrations worth noting.

Like Good Records, where the celebration will also mark the store's 15th anniversary, Bill's Records and Tapes's all-day festivities will also mark owner Bill Wisener's 71st birthday. The store's long list of in-stores will spill over to Poor David's Pub and will see acts Shane Anderson + Zac Elliott, Frank Pinto + Damon Carroll, The Stamfords, D. Anson Brody, Jay Johnson + Brad Good, Nate Kipp, Jud Block + Russ Lowry, Jimmy Gray, Bryan Adam Joiner + Annie Roads, Ricky G. Mitchell, Rags O'Hooligan + Jamie Vahala, Miss Marcy, Tin Man Travis, Wandering Chicken Wire Show, Rick Babb + Royce David James, Andrew Delaney, Caleb Dixon, Tailgate Poets, Cameron Ray w/ Brent Buemi, Brad Good Band, Steve Douthit, Mr. Troll + Alex Lease, Guthrie Kennard & Friends and Worhol playing throughout the day.

Over in the Fort, Doc's Records will not only offer up a strong in store lineup of its own, but free food, booze and 20 percent discounts on used records, too. Playing that one will be Stumptone, Mink Coats, Fou, Dim Locator, Picnic, Lightning, Melting Season, Cliffs of Insanity and Vorvon.

And down in Oak Cliff, Spinster Records has promised to host some free live music as well, although that lineup has yet to be announced.

Speaking of upcoming performances: The Toadies formally announced today its second Martin House Brewing Company beer, which band frontman Vaden Lewis had previously teased on last week's edition of The Local Ticket. On Sunday, April 26, the band will celebrate the official launch of Bockslider — called it! — with a performance at the brewery. Tickets will go on sale this Friday at 10 a.m. — and, judging from the launch of last year's Rubberneck Red, you can expect tickets will go fast.

The other big story of the day revolves around the release of Scott Weiland's new album with his Roundabouts backing band, which came out today. Yesterday, on the eve of the LP's release, the band's lead guitarist, Jeremy Brown, was found dead of undisclosed causes. Weiland posted a few words about the onetime J. Charles & the Trainrobbers guitarist via Facebook: “I am in shock right now, everyone that knows him is devastated. It is a terrible loss that goes beyond words. He is one of my best friends, a truest friend and one of the most gifted guitar players that I've ever known. A true genius. It's impossible to explain how much he will be missed and what a hole this will leave in our hearts. A post on Facebook feels so trite and small compared to the love that I have for him and for the talent that has passed on but I felt it was necessary to at least start here. Please keep his family in your thoughts.”

Brown was 34.

Elsewhere and in other new release news, Dove Hunter will release its long awaited sophomore album, Black Cloud Erupt Us on April 28 via Idol Records 00 a feat it'll celebrate with a May 2nd release show at Club Dada. Also on April 28, the band will reissue a re-mastered version of its highly touted debut, The Southern Unknown, with new artwork. In the meantime, you can check out the band's new single, “Dream Catcher,” below.

On April 7, Doug Burr will release his fifth LP, Pale White Dove, a raw and electrified batch of tunes that stands in stark opposition to the frail, folkstuff of 2010's O Ye Devastator. A few days before that — on Saturday, April 4, to be exact — Burr will celebrate the album's release with a performance from the vaunted Astro-Turf stage at Good Records. For now, check out the new video for ballsy blues romper “White Night — Black Light” below.

Later this summer, Buffalo Black will release his SURRILLA EP, the follow-up to last year's REDPILLwonrland Part I. Check out the just-released second single, “High Noon,” below.

And now even those without access to a tape deck can finally check out the new Bummer Vacation track, “The Only Ocean,” which stands as the flipside to the “Silver Hands” cassingle we posted a while back. Here's that one in all its digital glory.

And while rapper Dre Prince may technically hail from Austin, there's plenty of Dallas ties in his latest music video for his “All Around the World” single. For one, the track was produced by X, the Misfit, and features a verse from his Brain Gang cohort Blue, the Misfit. Also? The video itself was directed by the always awesome Jeremy Biggers and features shots taken at Victory Plaza among other Dallas locales. Check it out.

Conversely, the new video for Lily Taylor's “Taxi” single was directed by Austin-based visual artist Melissa Cha. The dreamy clip pairs nicely with the ethereal cut, the first single from Taylor's sophomore album, The Ride.

TAXI from Melissa Cha on Vimeo.

Another stunning clip — albeit one that's been around for a minute — is Mystery Skulls' 3D animated “Magic” video. Here's that one again, in case you've forgotten.

The reason we bring it up is because a new piece in Wired gives a pretty neat little behind-the-scenes look at how the team of animators pulled off the stunning effects.

Also receiving yet more national love this week is one Leon Bridges, who in addition to “winning SXSW” can now add being the subject of features in Esquire and The New York Times to his resume. The Times spent its ink detailing Bridges' unique fashion sense, as Esquire used its space to hail the performer's recent Late Late Show appearance

Bridges wasn't the only one to walk away from SXSW with some notches on his bedpost, though. Take rapper Bee Feral, for instance, who used his trip to Austin to spit a freestyle verse live on Sway in the Morning.

Finally, here's a pair of fest-related notes to close out the week: Artists performing at this year's Deep Ellum Arts Fest include Wesley Geiger, Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, Michael Lee, Andrew Jr. Boy Jones, Spoonfed Tribe, Mesha, John Jay, American Idol Season 14 contestant Trevor Douglas, Oliver White, Goodnight Ned and Brave Combo. Then, on Saturday, June 20, local promoter King Camel will hold its first-ever Local Education Fest at Three Links featuring a dozen-plus North Texas acts on two stages, although the bands and other details remain TBA.

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