Are You A Bishop Arts Espresso and Topo Chico Mixer? An East Dallas Drip Drinker? An Uptown Pumpkin Spice Latte Lover? Something Else Entirely?

For some people, getting a cup of coffee is more than just a part of a routine, but somewhere between an inalienable right and a religious experience.

And as Dallas’ coffee culture grows from out of its obscure, humble begins into its own viable caffeine scene, a few neighborhoods have taken the charge of being go-to coffee destinations, each with their own breed of regulars and preferred brewing methods.

But which Dallas neighborhood best suits your coffee personality? We’ve compiled info from our 50 or so Unfiltered columns to give you some insight — and, naturally, to poke some fun at the habits of caffeine addicts like ourselves.

So take the below quiz and maybe learn a little bit about your coffee-drinking self.

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