Mark Cuban Took His Newest Dallas Mavericks Out On The Town Last Night.

We were saying it back before open season on NBA free agents even started: These were going to be a crucial couple of weeks for Los Mavs.

But, we said, but the prospects were promising.

And indeed they have been: After bringing defensive rock/center Tyson Chandler back to town through a trade with the Knicks, stealing the young-and-promising Chandler Parsons away from Houston next and then deftly signing veteran swingmen Rashard Lewis and Richard Jefferson to reasonable deals, the Mavs’ are looking fairly sharp.

This, meanwhile, is before accounting for the expected re-signings of Devin Harris and Dirk Nowitzki. Worth especially pointing out is the remarkable fact that Nowitzki came back for a lesser deal than anticipated, even with max offers from serious markets on the table.

So: How happy is Mark Cuban about all this? Pretty stoked, if the smile plastered on his face last night is any indication.

Last night, the Shark took a handful of his newest signees out on the town: After stopping by new McKinney Avenue spot So & So’s, Cuban brought Parsons — his new best clubbing bud — as well as fellow new signee Jefferson and the retained Harris to venerable Knox-Henderson spot The Candleroom for a little added revelry.

To a mostly hip-hop-indebted soundtrack supplied by our pal Feezy, Cuban, Parsons, Harris and Jefferson held camp atop an elevated booth space near The Candleroom’s entrance. The competing party perches in the space included a gaggle of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and the birthday party for a reveler whose decorations indicated that his name was “Captain Turn Up.”

Guarded informally from an enthused, full house that was all too aware of both Captain Turn Up and the Mavericks’ presence, the players, chests out, quietly acknowledged dap-offering fans. Cuban backslapped his fellow line-waiters in the bathroom. Parsons paid very close attention to a certain, expected sect of his new fanbase. Devin Harris, complimented on the prospects of his team’s new roster, let out an almost exacerbated sigh: “I know,” he said. Jefferson, meanwhile, snuck out early, but not before popping across the street for a drink at The Old Monk.

Ladies and gentlemen: Your new-look Mavericks. Officially in Dallas — and ‘gramming about it, even.

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