Diana Gets Animated.

Name: Diana Vargas.
Age: 23.
Occupation: “I currently work at a science museum.”
Found: The Sheraton Dallas Hotel for Anime Fest 2016.
Describe your style: “Eclectic — but, in an odd way, utilitarian.”
What are you wearing? “As far as what I’ve got on my head, a lot of it is mostly from dollar stores. The bunnies are from the first few times I’ve been to a con. The stickers are standard googly eyes. Both earrings are from 6%DOKIDOKI. It’s very popular with people into Decora. The collar is something I found something on the ground. The plastic one covering it is from H&M. The chunky button is an off-brand on an Japanese auction, along with the T-shirt. The little ring is from Chocomint. My shoes are Y.R.U. The little things things attached are from Party City. The socks are from Urban Outfitters and Nordstrom Rack. My backpack is from a flea market.”
What inspires your fashion sense? “My inspiration comes from the Otsuki street fashion. Some of my influences are G-Dragon from Big Bang, especially for a really androgynous look, and Mahou Prince, who’s a famous fashion blogger.”

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