Elizabeth Messes Around.

Name: Elizabeth Larrosa.
Age: 25.
Occupation: “Artist. My day job is at the pet shop. I can’t deal with people. Dogs are a lot simpler.”
Found: RAW Dallas at Lizard Lounge.
What are you wearing? “I got my studded jacket and shoes from Harry Hines Bazaar, the black jacket is from a clown, my skirt is from a rich lady. My necklace and earring is from a make-up artist.”
How would you describe your sense of style? “A big mess.”
What inspires your sense of fashion? “I’ve picked up a lot from Mexico. It’s just really colorful there — and warm. Also, Uruguay!”
Who is your fashion idol? “I love Coco Rocha because she stands up for underage models’ rights. I like Iggy Pop. too.”






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