Because We’re Already Getting Bored After Less Than A Week Of Staying Home, We’ve Put Together A Playlist Of New Songs From DFW Artists For You To Bump.

It’s been less than a week since we’ve all been making a collective effort to stay the fuck home, and as much as I hope we’ll all be able to return to the our day-to-day lives soon, there is a very real chance that might not happen for quite some time.

So, as you run out of shows to binge on Netflix, or finally finish your book that was collecting dust until this past weekend, I thought I’d give you something else to pass the time: catching up on some of the latest releases in North Texas music, and consequently helping to support local musicians through streaming (or buying!) their music while you’re at it. Maybe you’ll even discover a new fave.

If you’re familiar with our recurring ‘Song of the Day‘ series, you already know we’re fortunate enough to call home to a city with a healthy heartbeat for local music. But, because dope music in North Texas seems to drop quicker than the rate of democrats spurring to look for a spot in a Biden 2020 cabinet, I want to open up the channels to celebrate it as much as I can.

My plan is to continue to put these playlists together for every week that we’re self-isolalating, because pragmatically speaking, there will be plenty of time.

Music heals, and my hope is that this will take your mind off all of the anxiety-inducing chaos clouding what seems to be our new normal, even if just for a three-minute-and-something runtime. We’re all in this together, after all.

If you’re a musician in DFW who recently dropped something, or you’re just a fan of local music and think something should be on my radar: please don’t hesitate to put me on at [email protected] or @alecspicey on Twitter.

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