Friday Night’s James Blake Show at House of Blues Made Us Reevaluate Our Entire Lives.

Timeless music, an ever-evolving sound and that signature voice — those are three major factors that make James Blake an incredible talent. His exceptional songwriting and producing skills are probably also up there. Same too with the relatable ways he lyrically approaches subjects such as love and heartbreak.

With his recently released The Colour in Anything — a great rainy day listen as sit and reevaluate your entire life — the former YouTube star continues to pull the most hidden emotions out of his listeners.

As for this past Friday’s show at House of Blues, the weather was actually pretty nice, as Blake’s fans lined up around the block of the entrance, well in advance of doors. This wasn’t surprising; seeing Blake’s music brought to life with his fellow band members makes for a soul-affirming experience.

Or it did on this night, at least. The night’s set list was a nice balance of songs from his newly released third record and old favorites like “Life Round Here” and “The Wilhelm Scream.” Closing out the show, Blake’s obligatory encore included our favorite tune in his back catalog, “Measurements,” giving this show the perfect final ending.

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