Check Out The Latest Single From Westonn — A Fusion Of Bedroom-Pop And R&B That Will Keep You From Losing Your Own Mind In Isolation.

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Westonn – “Lose My Mind”
RIYL: Staying sane in isolation.
What Else You Should Know: Westonn is an Arlington-based singer-songwriter with a sound versatile enough to transcend genre bounds.

His latest single, “Lose My Mind” is rooted in electro-pop, but still maintains a keenness for R&B melodies, and is indicative of the norm in this post-genre realm we’ve moved into.

Fittingly, the song’s lyrical content is emblematic of the state of our world right now, albeit totally by coincidence. On the four and a half-minute record, Westonn croons through a bit of a defeatist outlook with, “Can’t see the light/Weight of the world is on ya/Standing on a wire” to the point of losing his mind.

Though it seems clear the song is less about the impending apocalyptic thoughts consuming so many of us at the moment, and closer to coming to terms with letting go of dissolving love, “Lose My Mind” does give us a cool, cathartic sound to any thoughts creeping at the back of our minds. It’s also just easy listening if your plans consist of nothing but staying in bed through the rainy weather.

But, even if you’re trying to stave off your pessimistic impulses and avoid literally losing your mind while we’re in isolation, this song is still a solid addition for your playlists.

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