The Music Video For The Dallas AF Duo’s New Single Is Just A Day In The Life From The Perspective Of A Pair Of Icy Whites Set To A Catchy Banger.

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The Outfit, TX – “Icy Whites”
RIYL: Keeping it cold in the Texas heat.
What Else You Should Know: Name a more Dallas AF duo than The Outfit, TX.

The twosome of Mel and Hawk recently dropped a new music video for the follow-up to their earlier summer release, “Let it Burnnn”. This new cut is a catchy anthem for that specific feeling that comes with stepping into a new pair of Ones. 

Opening with a shot of Mel’s ombre’d shag, the video for “Icy Whites” follows the pair through a day of debauchery that includes flushing the condom after a quickie, a stop by the crib and, of course, finishing the night at their beloved Fuel City.

Shot by their frequent collaborator, the music video director Dance Dailey, the video comes completely from the angle of The Outfit, TX’s shoes — and, while that concept might not be entirely unheard of, its Dallas-nodding storytelling makes for an objectively fun ride.

Clocking in at less than two minutes, “Icy Whites” is another banger evocative of The Outfit, TX’s flow, which is always drenched in unabashed Dallas-bred hip-hop cadence. With a fat bass line and a tireless, repetitive chorus of “that real shine,” the single is a trunk-jumper fit for background noise at a 1 a.m. stop by everyone’s favorite (debatable!) Dallas taco shop. 

For now, you can only hear “Icy Whites” via YouTube. But with a video as clean as “Icy Whites” is, you won’t want to enjoy it any other way.

Happy defrosting!

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