Check Out The Highly-Choreographed Music Video From The No-Wave-Adjacent Band’s Eerily Inviting Single Off Its Brand New EP.

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Shiny Around the Edges – “Ally Jane”
RIYL: No-wave. Or maybe-wave.
What Else You Should Know: Over the past few years, Shiny Around the Edges has been something of a diaspora between Denton and Fort Collins, Colorado, but not even an 800 mile distance could keep the noise rock outfit from dropping a new EP titled Flipped Out in West Wash Park on Christmas Day.

The experimental trio also dropped a new music video for the EP’s opening track, “Ally Jane,” which boasts direction and choreography from Lyndsay Knecht and production by Chad Withers. The video is rich with abstract visual stimuli, and just like the song, it has an underlying sense of eeriness.

Shiny Around the Edges is often labeled “no-wave,” and while the label is by no means inaccurate, it doesn’t fully encapsulate the sound. Imagine if a band like Theoretical Girls was more melodic. Imagine if Swans didn’t take everyone’s attention as a given. Imagine if Unwound decided to make the guitar instrumentals quieter and forewent the throat-shredding screams.

Better yet, you don’t have to imagine when you can just listen and watch for yourself. But prepare to have Jenny and Michael Seman’s harmonizing of the word “Sunshine” drilled right into your hippocampus.

Cover photo by Andi Harmon.

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