The Fort Worth Synth-Pop Duo’s Sugary, Just-Released Single Is Bubbling Up With The Kind Of Fun We Could All Use Right Now.

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PRIZM – “You Should Know”
RIYL: Something to dance to.
What Else You Should Know: Longtime collaborators Kris Williams and Danni Nordan only unveiled their retro-pop project, PRIZM, a little over a year ago, but have wasted little time in serving up synth-soaked bops since.

The Fort Worth duo’s brand new single titled “You Should Know,” now stands atop their vibrant catalog as a their best release yet.

Produced by Geoff Rockwell, the track is layered with glitzy synth and catchy riffs that allow for plenty of room for the duo’s bubbly vocal hamonies to bounce around.

As a trio (fun fact: that’s where the “PRIZM” moniker derives from), Williams, Nordan and Rockwell have crafted a sound that parallels the sugary pop that was dominant at the turn of the century, while still emulating PRIZM’s clear ‘80s influences.

They’ve also also maintained an impressive grasp on current pop sensibilities akin to the genre’s reigning luminaries like Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen. In fact, it wouldn’t be a reach to suggest “You Should Know” could comfrotably reside among the material on the latter’s 2019 LP, Dedication.

At its core, PRIZM’s new single is an infectious balance of nostalgia and fun. Do yourself a favor by making sheltering-in-place a little more fun and dance along to it — it’s self-care.

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