Phee6z And The Gwap Gvng Collective Come Out Swinging In This Infectiously Fun Track Full Of Lyrics Destined To Light Up Instagram Captions This Summer.

Phee6z – “Full Of Dat Shit feat. GwapMizzle & Gwap Lvrd D”
RIYL: Flame emojis.
What Else You Should Know: The Dallas kings of the underground are back with this banger. If you haven’t heard of Gwap Lvrd D’s impressive underground rap collective, you better listen up now before they transcend into true Dallas royalty.

Phee6z (pronounced feebs) is one of the more animated and idiosyncratic members of the elusive 500 Gwap Gang. Listen, game recognizes game, and Phee6z iconic shout-out to Tay Money is a clear testament that these boys are well-connected. “I feel like Tay, I smell like Money” is a genius line we had to run back thrice and is likely to hit Instagram captions this summer. His whole verse is delivered with such panache and boldness, you’d swear the underground Phee6z was already mainstream.

GwapMizzle follows up strong with a confident verse full of cocky wordplay, delivered with the punchy  GwapMizzle flow we love.  Let’s be honest, aside from the Tay Money shout out, his “I got green, coka and Cookies/Don’t talk to my bitches, got three different flavors of pussy” is the kind of two-piece combo you can’t get at your average drive-through.

Piggybacking off of GwapMizzle’s high energy verse is Gwap Lvrd D with his face-paced and fun delivery. It’s quick and fast, but that’s because Gwap Lvrd D doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone. He’s there to deliver and take care of business before handing the outro to Phee6z for a final spoken closer. Beautiful play.

The beat, produced by notable Dallas trap producer YDNA, is so simple yet fun allowing for all three Gwap Gang members to showcase their verbal skills without getting overpowered or overshadowed by drumkits and heavy synthesizers.

This track is the perfect window into one of the hotter rap collectives out there, for those looking for something a little more gritty and underground — yet, filled with personalities and characters for just about anyone’s taste. Gwap Gang continues to impress and keep us itching and scratching for more. For now, we’ll just settle keeping that repeat button busy.


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