Combining Each Element Of The Rap Game’s Winning Formula, Pat Ron And Lonzo Ma$e’s Latest Single Shows The World That DFW Stays Doing Its Homework.

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Pat Ron ft. Lonzo Ma$e – “Caesers”
RIYL:‌ All the smoke.  
What‌ ‌Else‌ ‌You‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Know:‌ Without question, one of the most polished and established rap artists in DFW is Pat Ron. But, if you’ve been around in the last decade, you likely know this by now.

You know when you listen to a song and you make that face like something stinks and your head just starts bopping on the beat as if you’ve already heard the track like 50 times already, even though you’ve only heard it once? That’s what Pat Ron’s latest track “Caesers” featuring Lonzo Ma$e does.

Part of Pat Ron’s latest collaborative EP Loading, “Caesers” opens up with Lonzo Ma$e singing the chorus with no warning — just pure confident and melodic delivery in a cadence that, by itself, is already formulaically catchy.  Add that to an instrumental featuring a flute, one of rap’s most infallible instrumental elements and you have the formula for an ear-pleasing soundtrack. But don’t get it twisted — this track is still very much a uniquely Pat Ron track.

It’s not science but at the same time it is and Pat Ron knows that because he’s spent quite some time studying exactly what that formula is. After all, in order to create a lasting track and artistic longevity, a great artist needs to practice, study and understand the nuances of the craft they’re meddling with.

This is exactly why Pat Ron chose to throw in some chopped and screwed elements to the final chorus of “Caesers”, giving it a proper and respectful closure that still lets audiences know that this sound is undeniably Texan and quite aware of where it comes from.

It also makes for an easy song to transition to should you decide to throw it into a set. We’re not encouraging anything, but we’re just saying this track is built for that type of thing and any DJ would be remiss not to have it stashed in the catalogs.

Cover art Kristopher Tondré.

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