Check Out The Experimental Metal Project Featuring A Bunch Of Denton Musicians From The Second Installment Of The Elk River Sessions.

Mvshrüm — “In the Water”
RIYL: Denton musicians. Lots of them.
What Else You Should Know: Mvshrüm is a supergroup made up of Denton artists Hunter Cannon, Scott Danbom, Ariel Hartley, Daniel Markham, Wallace Campbell, Eric Park, Scott Porter and Traci Batson. Produced by Danbom and recorded by Michael Briggs, Mvshrüm comes as a product of the Elk River Sessions, an annual trek to the Ozark Mountains in Missouri, made by 20 Denton musicians to record a bunch of music in the span of three days.

The description of the group’s self-titled, four-track release reads like a mix of prog metal and sludge satire: “Created in a ceremonial trance on the banks of the Elk River beneath three moons. Influenced by strong drink, ritualistic flora, coven blood oaths and the drifting sing-song night-whispers of the Ozark’s haunted hills and hollers.”

Take from that what you will, but upon listening to the opening track “In the Water,” there is no doubt that this project is the real deal. Markham and Hartley trade off on vocals while Park bashes away on the drums, Porter, Cannon and Markham share the trio-guitar attack, Campbell runs through bass lines while Hartley adds keys.

Stylistically, “In The Water” sounds like shoegaze unafraid to incorporate elements of doom and sludge metal. Think Black Mountain meets Slowdive, as Hartley ‘s and Markham’s vocals blend in and out of each other, supported by straightforward drumming and hooky, bendy guitar riffs.

The rest of the band’s material sounds like a mix of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Mastodon and a little bit of Norweigen speed metal. Considering how much Mvshrüm’s sound deviates from some of the other projects its members are known for, it’s nice to hear their collective take on experimental metal.

The best part, really, is that all of Mvshrüm’s proceeds go to the Denton Music and Arts Collaborative to provide subsidized healthcare for local musicians. Consider it a ‘thank you’ for them providing us with bangers like this one.

Cover photo by Marcus Junius Laws

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