Passing Time: A Bright New Single From The Breakout Oak Cliff Indie-Pop Outfit Is The Perfect Fix For Getting Through These Treacherous Days.

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Luna Luna – “Time”
RIYL: Reasons to smile during a tough week
What Else You Should Know: After a breakout couple of years, Oak Cliff’s Luna Luna has set the stage as one of the most exciting bands out of Dallas. Now, new music has us salivating for what the band is calling a new era for them.

The easily lovable crew of vocalist Kevin González, keys player Danny Bonilla, drummer Kaylin Martínez and bassist Ryan Gordon has blessed us with a cheery bedroom-pop tune.

Inspired by quarantining in a year that has proven, if nothing else, that time isn’t real, “Time” promotes a no-stress lifestyle as González sings “I’m living it up now/I got what I need/That’s the reason why you take it all before it leaves.”

Though the single just came out two weeks ago, its single coil guitar twang and dance-inducing bass line are putting a stay on summer with warm and airy vibes. The band is known for their refreshing blend of modern pop leanings met with influences of the best of ‘80s pop,  but with its infectious sing-along chorus, “Time” delivers some of their best yet. The song begins with a clock ticking (we see what they did there) and rich synth to introduce the funk-driven beat, and from then on, you really have no choice but to dance. 

We’re all pining for an escape this year, and though this one runs at just about three minutes, we’re basking in it as if time doesn’t exist. 

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