Wanna Feel Like You Just Chugged Some Robitussin? Check Out The Trippy New Instrumental From Mysterious North Texas Soundscape Artist immrcy.

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immrcy – “untitled 67”
RIYL: Meandering aimlessly through a Robitussin-induced trance.
What else you should know: Finding information online about immrcy (pronounced “em-mercy”) is difficult given his cryptic social media presence. But from what we were able to deduce from his Instagram and Twitter pages, he is certainly a local cat with ties to Denton.

But we won’t pretend to know his life story because, at least in the context of his music, he appears to be a person of very few words. And by “very few words,” what we really mean is “he doesn’t say any words in his music at all.” Nor does he need to, because these instrumentals can clearly speak for themselves. His newest cut, “untitled 67,” is no exception to this rule.

The song starts with a bare-bones drum machine instrumental that somehow manages to achieve an analog sense of warmth despite the synthetic nature of the bass, snare and hi-hats. The beat backbone of the construction is the same 4/4 time signature commonly heard in hip-hop, and it serves as a “straight character” here as the track becomes more layered with effects and instrumentals.

What sounds like muffled guitar chords or really altered turntable sounds creep into the picture right before an eerie synth follows. One minute and seven seconds in, another synth arrives, only this time more concretely. From there on, the instrumentals begins to wander rather aimlessly.

It’s difficult to stylistically pinpoint what’s happening. Part of it sounds like Flying Lotus and Boards of Canada. There’s maybe some Oneohtrix Point Never in there, too. DJ Shadow might also be an influence.

Regardless, listening to this track from start to finish definitely instills a feeling of what immrcy’s SoundCloud bio describes as “floating aimlessly.” As true as that is, though, a perhaps more apt description would be “the directionless, detached sense of reality that comes from robotripping.”

If you haven’t consumed too much Robitussin by accident (or, for that matter, on purpose), imagine feeling a sense of euphoria but also feeling like you’re detached from your own body. That’s what this song is like.

Cover photo via immrcy’s Twitter profile.

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