Dallas Trip-Hop Beatmaker immrcy Reminds Us To Take It Easy With This Short But Sweet Lo-Fi Daydream From His Latest Album.

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immrcy – “chill, slow down”
RIYL: Chill lo-fi beats to (pretend to) study to.
What else you should know: We could all stand to “chill, slow down,” these days, but that request is easier said than done given, well, you know.

Fortunately, Dallas downtempo producer immrcy has prescribed 26 minutes of anxiety antidotes in the form of his latest compilation, de[com]pression :: [side a].

The 13 tracks are described on the album’s Bandcamp page as “sounds, blips and blups,” which is technically accurate but doesn’t quite do these soothing soundscapes justice.

The album’s standout track, “chill, slow down,” is a perfect example of the lo-fi headphone bliss immrcy provides — you’re immediately immersed in the track’s gauzy atmosphere with bittersweet synth pads that wade in and out of the stereo mix. A shuffling beat soon kicks in and gives the song a sweet sense of propulsion.

You can tell that immrcy has learned well from the likes of Flying Lotus and J Dilla — his contemplative melodies and subterranean bass would fit perfectly on an Adult Swim bumper at 2 a.m.

About a minute into “chill, slow down,” chopped-up harmonies glide over burbling, aquatic sound effects, recalling the warped fantasias of Dallas chill-wave pioneer Neon Indian.

And just like that, the track fades out at only a minute and 33 seconds, a tantalizing tease of a more relaxing sonic universe. Its tender beat provides the perfect soundtrack to working from home, or even just staring out your window listlessly.

immrcy says an “actual detailed electronic album” is in the pipeline, but blissful electronic reveries like this track will just have to keep us sated until then.

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