Get Rowdy With Co-Ed Noise Pop Band Girlo And Its Quick, Groovy A-Side “Candy (Payton’s Song).” Think Bikini Kill Meets Los Campesinos.

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Girlo – “Candy (Payton’s Song)”
RIYL: Going all in and making great sounds
What else you should know: After taking a short hiatus, the co-ed noisy pop band Girlo is back in action with a great two-song single. Today, we’re going to talk about the ace A-side, “Candy.”

The quintet has a sound that can be best described as like members of Bikini Kill and Los Campesinos smashing out tunes in a garage. They all know how to play off each other, and give each other the freedom to let things rip.

Vocalist Natalie Winkler is not afraid to tear up her vocal cords in front of a microphone, but she also has an ability to keep things melodically friendly. Guitarists Jackie Abbott and Kavan Spooner and bassist Mason Blair all provide tuneful backing vocals. Drummer Humberto Ochoa provides an excellent thump to bring everything in “Candy” all together.

The band does not sound like it wants to waste a lot of time and energy on multiple takes. It sounds like it wants to get everything in one or two takes and then move on. You can especially hear that in “Candy.”

Girlo is planning on hitting up venues in Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth this summer, making up for some lost time. And based on this single, this is not a band to be missed or taken for granted. Who knows how long it will stay together for this run, but “Candy” gives us all hope it will stay together through the summer.

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