The Denton Shoegaze Trio Is Planting Its Seeds For The Genre’s Naysayers With This Gorgeous Track From Their Brand New EP.

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Flowerbed – “For You”
RIYL: Shoegaze.
What Else You Should Know: Denton DIY shoegaze band Flowerbed just dropped a dreamy new EP titled Hollow, and it rips.

Now, before you roll your eyes at the idea of shoegaze, we know there’s no getting around that the genre is, for some reason, polarizing and often weighted by stigma. People either love it or hate it — to which I say: OK, and? Shoegaze legend Rachel Goswell of Slowdive once dubbed it the “the genre of ridicule.” We’ve got nothing to ridicule this exciting new release about.

Flowerbed’s new EP is a no-skips project full of fuzzy guitar parts and specter-esque vocal harmonies from start to finish. The closing track, titled “Everything”, hits so hard I had to include it in the most recent volume of my weekly playlist series featuring new releases from artists around North Texas.

But it’s Hollow‘s opener that sets a gorgeous tone for the crashing that is to follow. Admittedly, of all the songs on the EP, “For You” is probably the least shoegaze-y of the bunch. Vocalist/bassist Bailey Briggs’ voice on the song creates a soft, rather clear juxtaposition to the jolting of layered wreckage between Capa Martinez and Andrew Czornyj.

Where Hollow is a series of melancholic hymns, “For You” is that first dive into the lush dreamscape you don’t want to wake up from. And neither do we. For now, you can hear the full EP exclusively on Flowerbed’s Bandcamp.

Cover photo via Flowerbed’s Facebook.

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