Check Out the Haunting Throwback Folk of ’60s Mining Midcities Kid With a Beautiful Head of Hair.

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Cody Lynn Boyd – “Lovely Little Lady.”
RIYL: Heads with hair, long beautiful hair.
What else you should know: Here are five articles about Cody Lynn Boyd, from four different local publications, all of which point out his anachronistic bowl haircut.

Regrettably, one of those was by us.

It’s a hella-easy peg, to be sure, to introduce this still up-and-coming 817-area folkie by saying he looks like he’s an early Rolling Stones album cover come to life – especially that his thoughtful retro rock could also just as easily be from that era.

But let’s all stop talking about the hair and start talking about the tunes.

Like this new single, “Lovely Little Lady,” which starts like many of Boyd’s tunes as a gentle slow-burn. But, as he’s wont to do, it’s built, very gradually and thoughtfully from there. Sparse though they may be, they’re astutely calculated and carefully arranged.

It’s a lovely little journey that gently pushes it where it wants you to without you ever realizing that it happened. Not until the end of the ride do you look around and realize how far you are from home.

Cover photo by Kourtnie Walker Scholz.

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