If You’re Having Some Trouble Turning A Page In Your Life, This Track From Alt-Rock Outfit Celestial L’amour Is Something To Relate To. 

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Celestial L’amour — “Turn The Page”
RIYL: Evanescence coming out of its goth phase.
What else you need to know: Today’s track is accompanied by a music video consisting of a black and white montage of Celestial L’amour and her band — Tanner Moseley (Drums) Luis Lopez (Rhythm Guitar) and Jack Emery (Bass) — performing at Main at South Side.

Describing itself as for fans for Flyleaf, Evanescence and Thrice, this band out of Fort Worth has some powerful female vocals that cut through the dark ambiance created by powerful guitar riffs and a thunderous rhythm section. Go through its discography and you’ll find the clear metal-tinged pop influence of the aforementioned acts. However, Celestial L’amour’s latest track sort of veers off that path and takes on a sunnier deposition.

A shake up from previous releases, “Turn The Page” features a lighter, romantic melody that feels breezy. But even with the the summery sound, a closer look at the lyrics show that the dark spirit still resides within.  “You were lying when you told me you loved me / From beginning of time, it’s all been lies / Your tongue is like a knife / It has been all my life,” goes the heartbreaking first verse. Against what sounds like should be a love song, it’s a wild contrast.

The rest of the track follows this story of unrequited love and while the instrumentation and the “turn the page” turn of phrase leads you to anticipate a glimmer of hope, there never really is one. But heartbreak takes time to heal and sometimes you need to fake it to you make it.

For lovers of the angsty, gothic sound, worry not — “Turn The Page” does dip back into it eventually. The bridge takes a moody turn with a slowed down tempo, a more haunting delivery and a glimpse into self reflection. “It’s not my fault / I’m not to blame for this.”

Because the first step of healing should always be giving yourself some grace.

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