Ironically, “Night Crawler,” With Its Airy, Lo-Fi Sound, Should Find Itself Fitting Perfectly Into Your Sunday Morning Playlist.

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Angel Club — “Night Crawler”
RIYL: Taking it easy on a Sunday morning after a long Saturday night.
What Else You Should Know: Angel Club is a really low key and rather mysterious project. With no band members listed or any other website linked from its Bandcamp, all we have to go on is the 11 tracks from its afraiddemos.1 collection.

With vocals that recall Neil Halstead from Slowdive and Mojave 3, a song like “Night Crawler” is a great way to start a Sunday morning when you’re not ready to fully wake up. With its lo-fi sound, “Night Crawler” has the essence of a song recorded DIY-style in a bedroom, the drums and cymbals are lightly hit while keeping a straight-forward beat. Lo-fi can have a charm to it (hi, most Guided by Voices records in the 1990s), and Angel Club has managed to attain it.

Lo-fi is also sometimes tied in the concept of being cheap, which is not necessarily a bad thing. If a great melody can be heard — even if it was recorded on a boombox in a cellar — and you don’t have the funds to record in a proper studio, a DIY approach is all you need. Coincidentally, being cheap is brought up in the second verse of the track. “Talk is cheap / Maybe I am too / But I’d save up baby just for you.”

Listening to “Night Crawler” on repeat, it serves as a reminder that you can express yourself without the worry if it’s a “real” song or not. People who listen to Top 40 radio might think otherwise, but you don’t need a fancy studio or even a loud noise to make something worthy of someone’s ears.

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