Sneak A Little Booze Into Your Slurpee With These 10 Mixology Ideas Meant To Help You Properly Get Your 7-Eleven Drink On This Summer.

We’ve been teasing summer for weeks here on Central Track, but with today’s temperatures already firmly in the high 80s and flirting with the low 90s, we think it’s safe to say that summer is officially upon us.

Meaning? It’s officially time to start getting into your summer mentality. Basically, that means your entire being should be centered around trying to stay cool. That, and trying to stay inebriated.

Fortunately, those are both easy enough to do.

Everyone knows the best treat on the blistering hot days of summer is a Slurpee from 7-Eleven, which is great because they’re literally available 24 hours a day and within walking distance from most of us.

Staying drunk is pretty easy, too. And it’s not that difficult to combine that task with your favorite 7-Eleven treat.

You just need to practice your Slurpee Mixology, is all.

The trick is to experiment and have fun with your combinations. There really are no rules in this realm of drink-making. Still, to get you started, here are some Slurpee drink suggestions for you to try out.

Enjoy them. Revel in them. Relish them.

Just remember to have fun and make sure there’s someone responsible around as you do.

The Original: Small Coca-Cola Slurpee with two shots of whiskey.

Shirley Temptress: Small Wild Cherry Slurpee with a squirt of Sprite and two shots of vodka.

The Rager: Small Mountain Dew Slurpee with a pour of Red Bull and two shots of vodka.

Island in the Stream: Small 1/2 Banana Slurpee and 1/2 Hawaiian Punch Slurpee with two shots of rum.

Purple Drank: Small Grape Slurpee with two shots of vodka.

Texas Twister: Small Dr Pepper Slurpee with a handful of peanuts and two shots of Southern Comfort.

Two to Tango: Small Mango Slurpee with two limes and two shots of tequila.

A Lotta Colada: Small Pina Colada Slurpee with two shots of rum.

Cherry Limeade: Small Cherry Slurpee with a squeeze of lime juice and two shots of vodka.

Suicide: Large Slurpee cup with equal parts of every flavor available and four shots of your favorite liquor.

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