Scenes From Our Central Track Music Honors Photo Booth.

Everyone Was A Winner — And All Smiles, Too — At The Photo Booth Area Of Our First-Ever Central Track Music Honors.

All photos by Manuel Frayre.

OK, let’s see. Already, we’ve revealed the winners of our first-ever Central Track Music Honors. And we’ve posted some killer photos from the revelry at the big celebratory event that took place at the Granada Theater on Wednesday night, too.

So what’s left to share? Well… a few things! We’ve still got a ton of video to comb through and edit, and we hope to share that footage with you soon — if not today, then in the next few days, for sure.

Oh, and we have the above photos taken by our own Manuel Frayre at the step-and-repeat area we had set up in the Granada’s lobby. They’re really fun! Check ’em out; they’re quite the Who’s Who of the local scene, featuring acts that earned Top Honors recognition and folks that just showed up to show love at the event alike.

Scrolling through them just now gave us all kinds of feels. You’re pretty great, Dallas. We kinda love the shit out of you.

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