There Are A Lot Of Politically Outspoken Famous Dallasites. Which One Of Them Most Closely Shares Your Political Worldview?

Dallas has its fair share of celebrities — hey, c’mon, it totally does! — and, in this era of increasing political unrest, many of these celebrities are using their platforms to share their own hot takes on¬†what the government should and shouldn’t do.

Some of these takes are very good. Some of them are not. OK, maybe determining which is which is subjective. The point we’re trying to make is that our famous Dallasites engage in pretty much the entirety of the political spectrum.

Have you ever wondered which of these celebs’ worldviews lines up the most with your own? Probably not! But, hey, here’s hoping that us asking you this question has the gears in your mind pondering that right now because we made the below quiz to answer it for you.


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