Teenage Sexx Frontman Caleb Lewis Really Doesn’t Look Happy At The Party He’s Attending In His Band’s New Music Video — And That’s Exactly The Point.

Since the pop-punk band Teenage Sexx moved from Waco to Dallas in early 2016, the band has been steadily earning increasing props around town and right scoring more gigs — but surprisingly not releasing too much music beyond the random single and its split EP alongside its fellow former Waco act Loafers.

In June, though, that changed when the band released Jesus Christ, its first EP all its own since heading north in search of greener pastures.

To promote that EP, the band recently reached out to area videographer Erin Devany about producing some visuals to pair with their songs. Those chats resulted in a video for the band’s “Going Home Again” single, which we’re stoked to premiere here in this space.

Sticking to the dichotomy of the song being bouncy and catchy while featuring dark lyrics about loneliness, the video too is about duality, Devany explains. Centered around a party featuring various familiar Dallas music scene faces, the video finds Teenage Sexx frontman Caleb Lewis struggling to feel comfortable as he attempts to deal with his inner demons while in a fairly public setting.

“People are having fun around him, connecting and experiencing life in a seemingly neurotypical fashion, while he’s continuing to disappear into his own sadness,” Devany further explains. “It’s a heavy look at the not so romantic sides to illnesses like anxiety and depression.”

That much reads in the clip, for sure. But so too does the fact that this looks like a pretty decent party. Which I suppose means there’s something for everyone in this visual.

Without further ado, here it is.

Teenage Sexx next performs on Saturday, January 20, at the recently re-opened J&J’s Pizza in Denton. Head here for more information.

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