Post Malone Was Among The Most-Consumed Artists Of 2017, Rigor Mortis’ Bruce Corbitt Gets A Bad Prognosis And Rubber Gloves’ Possible Return Hits A Snag.

There’s been so much good news surrounding Denton’s music scene these last few weeks, what with the reopening of J&J’s Pizza’s Ol’ Dirty Basement, back-to-back nights of Sarah Jaffe performing at Dan’s Silverleaf and a number of teasing posts that hinted at a return of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio this year, too. Seems like it was only a matter of time before some of that new year sheen wore off then, right?

Well, the other shoe fell earlier this week, as various media outlets reported that Joshua Baish, the owner of the aforementioned Rubber Gloves, was arrested over the weekend for assaulting a former employee outside Andy’s Bar and for driving while intoxicated. Baish has since been released from jail, and provided Central Track with the following statement: “I believe that the narrative of what has been reported does not accurately reflect what really happened this weekend, and that the system will show that. I won’t be commenting further on the matter at this time.”

What all that means regarding a possible future for Rubber Gloves is anyone’s guess.

Bad news, rather unfortunately, was kind of the name of the game this week, actually. After months of battling cancer, Warbeast and Rigor Mortis vocalist Bruce Corbitt took to social media to update everyone with the news that his battle isn’t going well. Per his own doctors, Corbitt’s esophageal cancer has spread too much at this point, meaning his disease is now past the point of successful treatment. Corbitt says he has been given just two months to two years left to live. Read his series of posts and updates, as reported by Loudwire, right here.

Someone who knows a little something about health scares is Selena Gomez, who, you may recall, recovered from life-saving kidney transplant last summer. Over the weekend, the celebrity pop star continued to show how important it is to appreciate what you’ve got while you’ve got it by posting a photo of a return trip to her childhood home in Grand Prairie. Here’s that:

While 2017 was a great year in terms of health recovery for Gomez, it wasn’t a good enough music year for her to crack the Nielsen’s report on the top 10 most consumed artists of 2017. On the other hand, Grapevine’s Post Malone did find himself on that list, coming in ranked at eighth place. Per Nielsen, the “rockstar” singer totaled 129,000 album sales, 2,716,000 digital single sales and almost 2.5 billion streams these last 12 months. Malone also helped hip-hop over take rock ’n’ roll as the most consumed genre around. Want more insights? Consequence of Sound has handy look at that info here.

Surprisingly, you won’t find Cardi B on that list, although that’s mostly due to her meteoric rise happening in the latter half of the year. Still the Bronx rapper has a new hit on her hands thanks to her work on a remix of Bruno Mars’ “Finesse,” which we bring up because local producer Sikwitit opportunistically put a fantastic mash-up of that song with a classic Michael Jackson track soon after its release. Check it out:

And, while there are no mash-ups on the set list, we also recommend giving a watch as Jacob Metcalf is the latest artist to be featured on the locally produced Cinderblock series, which you can do here:

Given that the year just started, it’s no surprise that a number of artists have released some new music.

First up, let’s give a listen the the still-fast-rising Go Yayo, who has a new song with Philthy Rich titled “All I Wanna Be.” It instantly feels like an anthem.

While the hook of that above song is likely to get one’s attention, Fort Worth indie rock band Meach Pango is going for interest with its newest single’s title. Check out “Cuck” below:

And while he’s up in the Pacific Northwest these days, former Dentonite Jesse W. Miller of Señor Fin dropped some new music under his Luwum project titled Spirit Grows, Spirit Shakes. Check it out:

A new-to-us group called Caved Mountains also dropped a new collection of tracks that’s worth your ears. Give the Jordan Richardson-produced A Slow Decline a listen below:


Finally, to close out this week’s column, here’s a neat clip of the Dallas MavericksDJ Poizon Ivy playing The Outfit, TX’s “Told That Bih” during Sunday night’s game against the New York Knicks.

Speaking of TOTX, the trio also has its first area headlining show since 2014 coming up this weekend at The Nines in Deep Ellum. The event, which goes down on Saturday, January 13, features free entry and drink specials.

Post Malone cover photo by Breanna Loose. Got a tip for White Noise? Email us!

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