EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The Debut Music Video From Brain Gang’s Bobby Sessions.

More often than not, Dallas’ Brain Gang rap crew gets lumped together in conversation. But, truth is, each member of the group is a performer worth watching in his own right. In that regard, Brain Gang’s total scope is pretty much as varied as the Dallas hip-hop scene gets.

Break Brain Gang down along these lines and what you’ll find is a collection of compelling individuals: Blue’s the creative genius; Z’Xavier’s the experimental scientist; Killa’s the fun-loving joker; Cash’mir’s the street-savvy baller; and JT’s the slick-rapping surprise.

And then there’s Bobby Sessions. Even he’s not fully sure what he is yet. But that’s OK. It might even be great.

Back in December, Sessions released Passion, his debut, seven-track EP. It’s an impressive and, to be sure, impassioned release, featuring production from Brain Gang’s lab rats and a guest verse from fellow member Cash’mir.

But, truly, it’s Sessions who’s thrust into the spotlight on this one.

And it’s an interesting light he’s been cast in here. According to Sessions, he went through a rough, “dark” period for a couple of years before putting this release together. But, he adds, through those trials, he also some perspective. Sure enough, it’s a unique, sometimes angry and often fervent voice he’s found, too. And you can hear it throughout Passion, be it in his forceful delivery or his sometimes sarcastic wordplay.

There’s very little that’s veiled about the album’s introductory title track, though. In less than two and a half minutes, the song tells three stories: That of a young boy who’s bullied at school; that of a young woman being peer pressured into having sex too soon; and that of Sessions himself, who is still struggling to find his own place in the world.

“Never again,” the song repeats in its refrain, over and over again. Here’s hoping, however, that at least so far as Sessions is concerned, “Passion” does indeed repeat. It’s a strong track with a strong message and a sign of a serious future from this promising young emcee.

Below, check out the Jeff Adair-directed music video for the track, which we’re proud to host as a debut exclusive. Then check out Sessions and the rest of his crew on Saturday night at Andy’s Bar in Denton during their 35 Denton showcase.

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