We Don’t Talk Enough About How Great It Is That Dallas Is Home To The 469 Area Code, The Sexiest — And Nicest — Of All American Area Codes.

The 214 area code is obviously the OG phone number prefix around these parts, having been Dallas’ designated area code since 1947, when telephone companies first determined the necessity of adding additional, geography-based codes to this great nation’s phone directories in the first place. And it should be said, too: The 972 code, added in 1990 as a way for the phone companies to deal with Dallas’ population explosion at the time, ain’t too shabby, either; it’s been around for longer than most of this site’s readers have been alive.

Still, there is something truly special and great about Dallas’ third and youngest dedicated area code, 469. (Update: Dallas is about to add a fourth area code, with the 945 prefix slated to soon join the fray.)

The sexiest area code in America for obvious reasons, 469 was introduced as a Dallas area code on July 1, 1999, again as a means to deal with population growth. And, for the last two decades, 469 has indeed brought North Texas all kinds of, uh, relief.

Fact is, this area code really should be more appreciated than it is. So, on the occasion of this area code’s 20th anniversary this year, we choose not to offer the 469 area code our outright congratulations, but rather another single-word offering representing our admiration:


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