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St. Vincent Details Her Look, Dallas Beauty Stereotypes For The New York Times.

St. Vincent is a great guitarist, a fine songwriter and a compelling performer.

As an artist, she is essentially the complete package. And, yeah, she’s got Dallas ties — she grew up here, took childhood guitar lessons at Zoo Music and, later, got her first break when she joined the Polyphonic Spree — but, local ties aside, her Grammy-winning, self-titled fourth LP was, for our money, the best album released by anyone last year, regardless of locale.

Here’s another fun fact about the musician born Annie Clark: She is also a human being who sometimes happens to wear makeup. And while it’s apparently not always kosher to bring up this fact when making mention of her onstage performances, we’ve since learned that it’s actually perfectly acceptable to ask the inimitable artist about the products she slathers on her person — y’know, so long as it’s in the context of a fashion column and there isn’t an instrument in the same room.

Otherwise, the rules get a bit fuzzy. But we digress.

In today’s “Skin Deep” column in The New York Times, Bee Shapiro did just that thing, asking Annie Clark to detail her beauty regimen. For what it’s worth, Shapiro’s previously asked male celebrities to detail their grooming routines as well. Again, we digress.

Here’s what Annie had to say about her old Dallas stomping grounds in that piece: “Growing up in Dallas, sure, there are beauty stereotypes. It’s mostly all about being tan and having straight blond hair. I didn’t really have an ‘in’ in that regard. But I didn’t worry about it too much. My hair is naturally very curly and dark. It’s been through a lot.”

As for how she tames that very “non-Dallas” hair, Clark says she just asks her stylist for “the Nick Cave minus the receding hairline.”

More of her regular makeup items come from these parts, too, she says.

Adds Clark: “If it’s just day to day, I try to get away with wearing as little as possible. I have a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that I use on my face. And I’ve been using the pink and green Maybelline mascara I get from Super Target. I love it there. I go whenever I’m in Dallas, since I was 13. I also have a red lipstick from a drugstore in Paris that has served me well. It’s by a brand called Mavala.”

Is it just us or has Clark really taken to shouting out her Dallas roots a lot more in interviews of late than she ever has before? Seems it, although, for a third time, we digress. If you wanna read up on the rest of Clark’s beauty routine, head here.

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