Video Premiere: Dark Rooms’ Dans Le Noir Is a Total Jam.

Back in April, we introduced you to Dark Rooms, the latest venture from Dallas-based violin virtuoso and former Polyphonic Spree member Daniel Hart.

What we didn’t tell you at the time — in part because his new band’s debut, self-titled LP had yet to formally earn its release — was that the album is also arguably the single most compelling album we’ve heard all year, locally based artist or not. Dark Rooms is a complete and fascinating work (stream the album in full here), an absurdly sexy collection of R&B-tinged synth-pop that swirls and swoons and just oozes with swagger. From start to finish, it just never lets up.

Perhaps more impressive, it stands the live performance test, too. A couple weeks back, we caught one of the band’s more recent live shows on a Saturday night at The Crown and Harp. So impressed were we that we even went so far as to dub Dark Rooms “the best new band in town.” Sure, we’d been drinking when we posted that ‘gram, but even in the harsh light of day, the description sticks: Dark Rooms flat out is the best new band in town — we’re sure of it.

As further proof, we submit the following music video for the album’s lead single, “Dans Le Noir.” Featuring swapped vocals between Hart and his girlfriend and bandmate, multi-instrumentalist Rachel Ballard, the song is a complete stunner. And the accompanying music video, which features dancing cameos from a number of local musicians (Sarah Jaffe, her bandmate Jesse Hopkins, and Bethan’s Daniel Hall and Jessi James) and which Hart has been kind enough to allow us to premiere here on Central Track, is just as charming as all get-out. Check it out below. Then hop on board the Dark Rooms bandwagon. There’s plenty of room.

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