Meet B. Anderson, The Latest Dallas Rapper To Watch.

Most college students spend their holiday breaks traveling back home, retreating from their courses’ workloads and seeking out some much-needed relaxation. But University of North Texas student Brandon Anderson didn’t do any of that this year.

Instead, he went to work over Christmas time and recorded his first mixtape. But AdoLessons, the end result of that recording cram session, which he released last week, shows no signs of haste.

Upon listening to the eight-track release, it’s hard to imagine that these beats over which Anderson so fluidly raps were produced in but one week, while locked away in a room with producer Super Miles and contributions from Kris Minor. But that’s how Anderson describes the session.

Seems everything just comes quickly for the 21-year-old from Arlington, who only recently began to dabble with recording music after he’d become friends with Danny Fantom, a music artist himself and the owner of the Dallas-based Self Conscious Music hip-hop label.

The concept of AdoLessons, as its name alludes, is to follow the growth and development of Anderson himself, who plays the role of Everyman here with his tales of youthful stubbornness, peer pressure, religious struggles, crushes and prom night. As any individual should, the mixtape grows better and stronger from beginning to end, reaching its peaks with “Peer Pressure” and “Prom Night.”

Throughout the tape, Anderson subtly shows off his versatility as each track seamlessly transitions into the next, despite the contrasts in style. The first track reflects his poetic past and opens with a slam poetry-style intro, while “Childish” unveils his ability to dominate a track with a quick, aggressive and biting delivery that even Big Sean would envy.

But it’s on “Peer Pressure,” which samples The Pharcyde’s “Runnin’,” where the rapper really finds himself, engaging the listener with his vocal rhythm, screwed samples and trap overlays.

That track is followed by “Twice,” which should sound familiar to Dallas hip-hop fans since it features a sample of Little Dragons’ “Twice,” the same song that Picnictyme sampled for A.Dd+’s “Under (feat. Dustin Cavazos).” Like the aforementioned track from 2011, Anderson’s version also envelopes itself with an introspective look at his actions, as well as his religious spirit.

Finally, B. Anderson’s impressive debut mixtape closes with “Prom Night,” a soulful track reliant on a Kanye West-like sample of “Yes, I’m Ready” by Barbara Mason.

The tape sets B. Anderson up for his upcoming excursion to South By Southwest, where the young rapper has at least two shows already planned. Last year, Anderson arrived at that festival attempting to push his rapping abilities by word of mouth, but had no material in hand.

This time around, he shouldn’t have as much difficulty grabbing ears — either in Austin or in Dallas.

AdoLessons is available for free download via Self Conscious Music’s BandCamp page.

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