Quit The Debate, And Get You A Burger Joint That Does Both: Check Out The Cult North Dallas Favorite Sky Rocket Burger’s Just-Opened Deep Ellum Location.

It’s the debate of our times: In-N-Out or Whataburger?

Listen, there’s a reason why there are a million YouTube videos on the subject. Both sides have merit! Here, however, is the questions everyone should be asking: What would happen if you crossed an In-N-Out burger with a Whataburger?

Photo by Foodbitch.

Well, you’d get something that tastes a whole lot like Sky Rocket Burger, the humble North Dallas-sprung burger joint that just recently opened up its second-ever location and set up shop in Deep Ellum.

Since the flagship location’s opening along Frankfort Road in 2017, Sky Rocket Burger has developed a cult-like following for its yellow paper-wrapped burgers, which are made of house-ground 100 percent angus prime beef and come served with crispy-griddled edges.

Even for first-timers, the set-up will feel familiar: There’s lots of yellow and red; everything is built around quarter-pound burgers and fries; and you can gussy up your order with free add-on options like onions, jalapenos and spicy mayo, as well as some $1 upgrades including a fried egg, bacon, grilled cheese and grilled onions.

You can stack your burgers up high — up to five patties per orders. And you can order your fries “rocket-style,” which means covered with secret sauce, grilled onions and grated cheddar cheese.

While that experience is reminiscent of In-n-Out (with considerably less polish and perhaps more charm), the Sky Rocket burger itself is closer to Whataburger-sized as patties go. Its also has better fries than either of those spots (I said it!), and its burgers come on a buttery, crispy bun you’ll be craving from your last bite till your return visit.

It’s a little pricier than its fast-food competitors, it should be said. A single Sky Rocket Burger costs $5.29, and that’s before adding cheese for another 50 cents. Fries, meanwhile, are $2.49, and drinks will run you another two bucks. Still, you can easily get in, and out, for under $10 — and you can feel better about it, as Sky Rocket Burger is a small family option, and not some massive chain.

The new Deep Ellum location is found in a quiet corner of the neighborhood at 111 S. Hall Street, right at the Commerce Street intersection, in the spot that most recently housed Wild About Harry’s. With all the development in this part of town, though, it’s not likely to remain too quiet for long.

Having one burger joint that is bound to remind diners of two other favorites should help matters, too.

Cover photo via Sky Rocket Burger’s Facebook page.

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