MTV Is Filming A Reality Series At Fort Worth Breastaurant Redneck Heaven.

Cliches are bigger in Texas, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of reality television programming, which just can’t seem to shake the ole Texan-as-bona-fide-cowboy stereotype.

Be it a series about Dallas’ most eligible singles, a group of gay urbanites, our city’s policewomen, or the region’s wealthy mother-and-daughter tandems, we can nary think of a single Dallas-based reality program that hasn’t featured at least one person riding a horse or someone uttering some variation of the phrase, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.”

So, no, we don’t really expect too much to change when MTV throws its proverbial cowboy hat into the North Texas-based reality series ring this fall.

Still, it’s worth noting: The network is currently filming a series based on a group of waitresses from the Fort Worth breastaurant Redneck Heaven for its station. At this point in time, the series is being developed under the working title of South of Heaven.

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Reasons to expect more of the stereotypical Dallas same from the folks at MTV? Well, the official press release on the series — sent to us by the folks at MTV — both refers to this chain of wing bars as a “little honky tonk bar” and mentions that the series will feature scenes of the girls “getting dirty on the ranch.”

You may best remember Redneck Heaven as the restaurant that caused the city of Lewisville to redefine their Sexually-Oriented Business Ordinance following complaints back in 2011 that the restaurant’s waitresses wore nothing but pasties to work.

Recent photos from the Facebook pages of all three Redneck Heaven locations show that this attention has done little to deter their behavior. Far as we can tell, the only thing waitresses wear during the restaurant’s frequent “dress up” nights seems to be body paint.

Anyway, you can read the full synopsis that MTV sent us on the new show below. Unless you’re currently on your horse, in which case we ask that you please pull your mare to the side of the trail before continuing, as Central Track does not condone the use of electronic devices while moseying along.

Full MTV statement: “South of Heaven is a new half-hour docu-series following the lives of a group of fun loving girlfriends at the best little honky tonk bar in Texas who are working to make their dreams a reality. The eclectic group of girls includes a gifted student working to save money to go back to Harvard, an ambitious waitress who wants to move from behind the bar to the front of the business office and the girl who knows how to keep the clientele happy but comes at odds with other staff. They’re working their way towards adulthood one crazy shift at a time. Their lives are loaded with tons of comedy, drama and heart, where the bonds of their sisterhood are unbreakable. Whether they’re partying on Lake Lewisville, planning their futures, or getting dirty on the ranch, they’re living it up and letting loose every day. Throughout every episode of South of Heaven, viewers will get the chance to watch the sisterhood and the ladies evolve, shift, and grow as they work and party their way through the drama and adventure of figuring out who they are and where they’re going. Giddy up!”


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