Kanye West Is Hosting A Pop-Up Clothing Shop This Weekend In Frisco. Yes, Frisco.

Earlier this week, Kanye West announced that he would be hosting a pop-up shop for his Pablo line of clothing in 17 international cities, Dallas included, which is pretty much par for Yeezy course considering that Dallas has long been a part of West’s cross-market roll-outs, with our market being blessed in the past with such disappointing affairs as Kanye associates projecting his latest videos onto the sides of buildings or his fashion shows being streamed to area theaters.

Lest you thought this recent stunt might be different, West made sure this one would too underwhelm with the announcement that his Dallas-area store would actually not be hosted in Dallas at all, really, but rather in Frisco, a city located a 40-minute toll road ride north of Dallas. Specifically, the shop will be located inside of Frisco’s Stonebriar Center (2601 Preston Road).

At the shop, fans will no doubt be asked to pay exorbitant prices for various pieces of clothing adorned with lyrics like “I feel like Pablo” printed out in Kanye’s Gothic script font of choice these days — including, word has it, some that will even say “Dallas” on there somewhere. Per West’s own site, the shop will be open until 9 p.m. this evening, then again from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday, and on Sunday from noon until 6 p.m.

For whatever reason, people started lining up at the shop overnight to get in on the action.

Can’t make it to Frisco? No sweat. There’s a good-to-great chance that all of these same items will again be for sale at the merch booths as West brings his The Saint Pablo Tour to the American Airlines Center in Dallas proper on Thursday, September 22. Tickets to that affair are still available here and come with the added bonus of the rapper actually being in the building, rapping.

Hey, remember 12 short years ago when West lamented wasting money on material trends in his lyrics? Neither does he.

Update: Here’s what’s for sale and how much Ye’s charging for it.

Uh, cool?

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