GBH & The Casualties Upped The Punx On Saturday.

On Saturday Night, Three Links Hosted A Good, Old-Fashioned Punks Show Headlined By A Pair Of Classic Acts From The Genre.

All photos by Karlo X Ramos.

When classic punk bands tour through Dallas, it’s a safe bet — has been for the last few years, anyway — that they’ll end up on Three Links’ stage.

That was especially the case on Saturday night, as not one but two such acts — the English street punks of GBH and their New York counterparts in The Casualties, who were supported on this night by their local torchbearers in The Scandals TX — took to the punk rock venue for a long-sold-out show that was appropriately filled with studded leather wardrobes, mohawks and liberty spikes galore.

Check out Karlo X. Ramos’ above slideshow of the night’s sweaty proceedings for proof that old punks don’t die, they just keep on touring.

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