The Granada Is Hosting Its Second Annual Free Week To Celebrate 12 Years of Existence. Here’s The Full Show Lineup, From Tuesday To Sunday.

“If it’s free, it’s for me.”

Those are words of wisdom to live by, indeed. And starting next Tuesday, the Granada Theater and its next-door sister spot Sundown at Granada are making living that life way easier for you by providing Dallas audiences with a slew of live music concerts to check out for free.

Here’s how it works: If you show up to the venue’s doors and they haven’t reached capacity yet, you get let it. Pretty simple, right? But what if you want to guarantee your way in? Well, you can do that too: Just visit this link, and RSVP to the show you want to attend. Sure, going to that extreme will cost you $5 bucks — still a steal, to be honest — but, in exchange for that effort, the Granada will in turn repay you by buying your first drink of the night.

It’s a pretty sweet deal, you guys. And, hey, guess what? We’re presenting Tuesday night’s kickoff show featuring Valise, Northern National and Jacob Metcalf and Friday night’s Night Drive, Blackbird Blackbird, Nite, and Nervous Curtains show. So we’ll see you out at those ones for sure, right? Right.

Also, because we love you, we’ve compiled a list of the shows the Granada’s got coming as part of its free week campaign below.

Enjoy that free music, everyone!

Tuesday (7.18)

Wednesday (7.19)

Thursday (7.20)

Friday (7.21)

Saturday (7.22)

Sunday (7.23)

Cover photo by Karlo X. Ramos.

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