On Saturday, The Lollie Bombs Celebrated 10 Years Of Progressive, Alluring Burlesque in Dallas.

This past weekend, the longest-running neo-burlesque troupe in Texas — Lollie Bombs Burlesque — celebrated 10 years of sensational song, dance and performance. And, although today’s official Lollie Bombs cast and lineup is different than the ones it boasted at its beginnings, the group brought multiple former Lollies onstage at Viva’s Lounge on Saturday night to celebrate their collective successes over the years. With an additional eight performers in their lineup for this affair, a total of 13 incredible acts performed altogether.

The Lollie Bombs have been making a name for themselves in and out of town ever since forming in 2006. On Saturday, they took to Dallas’ new, “built for burlesque” stage — a welcome addition to this scene following the closure of the Lakewood Theater — in the Design District for a sold-out show.

A number of acts on this night boasted aerial skills, with dancers twirling on hoops or swings hanging from the venue’s tall ceiling — including a tandem act between producer Miss Malicious and newer Lollie Smolder N’ Scully. There was also a stellar rendition of YMCA’s “In the Navy” by Louie Luxx, and even sword-swallowing by Jai Le Bait.

The crowd — a large number of them “virgins,” who’d never seen a live burlesque show before — loved every second of it. It was a celebratory night, and the performances were well-deserving of this attention.

Burlesque is indeed alive and well in Dallas — perhaps more so now than ever before.

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