Beach House Brought Wintry Vibes To Deep Ellum on Monday.

[Slideshow] The Baltimore-Sprung Outfit Was Once Again Dark, Ethereal And Emotionally Distant During Its Latest Offering From The Bomb Factory’s Stage.

Seven albums into its career, the Baltimore based dream pop band Beach House has a pretty solid sense of what it is.

Its fans have a good understanding of this too. Or, well, they really should at this point. Because while there were indeed some differences between the band’s stop through Dallas on Monday night and its last visit to town in 2016 — namely that the previous stop was ostensibly in support of 2015’s Thank Your Lucky Stars and this year’s trip was to boost the band’s May-released — it’s the similarities between the two gigs that most stand out by comparison.

As with the band’s 2016 stop at The Bomb Factory, this trip to the same venue once again found the band doing its all to establish a darkly ethereal ambiance, performing a cold set under dark lighting — almost as if it views its live performances, which on this night followed a set from the similarly Baltimore-based Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, as an excuse to become as emotionally distant as possible for its fans as possible.

It’s a funny juxtaposition, considering the band’s decision to name itself something that most would associate with warmth.

But, hey, a lot of people still seemed into the display — both on Monday night and during that previous stop two years ago. Far be it from us to try to unpack why.

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