The Best Photoshops To Emerge From The Power Trip Mosh Pit Marriage Proposal.

In addition to several notable feats of their own in the past week, one the reasons helping the Power Trip boys earn some additional buzz of late involves that couple that got engaged during their So What?! Music Fest set in Grand Prairie this past Sunday.

Photo by Samantha Waldon.

Because this is the internet, a different photo than the one above, featuring a wider crop and a super-intense mosher nearby, became the subject of this pretty magical Photoshop Battle subreddit. Other than pretty much forever relegating the oblivious dancer to meme status, the results were good for a few chuckles as well. Below are some of our favorites from the thread.

Image via Alex_of_Canada.

Image via artunitinc.

Image via asterix342

Image via AtticusFinchucus.

Image via chunglio.

Image via ElChupaNebrey.

Image via FoxQT.

Image via inf0dump.

Image via jpina33.

Image via layzzzzzz.

Image via oldhead.

Image via SneakT.

Image via TenacityMan.

Image via tori_bird. Image via xprmntng.
Image via xprmntng.

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