With Last Night’s Starlito and Don Trip Headed Bill, Bric’s Block Party Cemented Its Reputation As A New Dallas Concert Staple.

Last night, the fourth installment of Bric’s Block Party went down at Trees. It was a little more cozy than the last Block Party of theirs we went to at The Bomb Factory, but the sold-out event still felt pretty special even given the downsizing.

The Bric’s Block Party reputation is a solid one already, and folks are ready to show out for whether the bill consist of heavy hitters like Erykah Badu, D.R.A.M. or Wiz Khalifa that we’ve seen play these parties in the past, or the lesser known, rising entities like Starlito and Don Trip, who headlined last night’s show. The fans still showed up, as did plenty of artists and special performers, and the event still maintained that welcoming, friends and family gathering feel to it — only this time just a little bit more intimate. For that reason, it already feels like any event the Bric’s Block Party crew puts on in Dallas is going to be a successful one.

Take last night, where performers included The Outfit, Cornerboy P, Scotty ATL, Larry June (who brought out Dallas’ own G.U.N to perform a song they have together), in addition to headliners Starlito & Don Trip. The two have just released the third tape of their Step Brothers series, which started in 2011.
The unique thing about these projects is that they solely feature Starlito and Don Trip, just the two going back and forth verse for verse. They have this chemistry that, over six years, they’ve perfected. That chemistry gives them the ability to release music as independent artists, for free by the way, go on a tour for a project, and sell out shows like the one last night. Their fans are pretty diehard, too, not really having much patience for the openers while waiting for the headliners to come on. Many voiced their displeasure, yelling things like “We want Lito and Don Trip!” or “You’re boring!” or “You suck! Where is Lito!” at openers that, for the most part, did a rather admirable job at ignoring the disrespectful callouts.

The best part of last night, besides seeing Starlito and Don Trip’s “Boomshakalaka” track performed live, was seeing Dallas’ very own, G.U.N performing with Larry June. The two complement each other perfectly on a track, and the track in particular that they had performed last night was a remix of a song that G.U.N has with OG Maco titled “Mind Yo Business.” Larry showed a lot of love to G.U.N, something you don’t always see when out of town artists come through Dallas. They simply just don’t support what Dallas has going on for whatever reason, but Larry went against that ritual and treated Dallas and its artists with love and respect. Per his famous ad-lib, the whole crowd gave him a, “Good job, Larry!” for his performance.

And though they didn’t come right out and say it, we’re pretty sure a great big “Good job Bric’s Block Party” was implied by all.

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