A Few Tips So You Don’t Ruin Any Summer Barbecues.

Sure, it was pretty much grilling weather all winter.

But, now that summer approaches, the season of grilling is officially upon us.

With that in mind, we’ve assembled here a basic guide to grilling — y’know, so as to help you understand what’s happening when you start a fire and throw a piece of meat on top of it.

This particular guide, you’ll notice, focuses on charcoal grilling. Why? Because any old dummy can figure out how to operate a gas grill, that’s why. Granted, anybody can hose down a mountain of charcoal bricks with lighter fluid and start a fire, too. But this will help you learn some of the nuances of grilling, if only so you’ll know how to cook a burger to an appropriate temperature without turning it into a black hockey puck.

So read on. Then impress your friends when you cook that perfect steak for the first time.3753_2

Cover photo by Daniel Driensky.

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