Stream New Tracks From Telegraph Canyon, Radioactivity, Sundae Crush and More.

With Fort Worth artists popping up on national television and Dallas' hip-hop scene getting big-ups from national media outlets, the attention of the music world seems sharply focused on the North Texas music scene at the moment.

And now, more than ever, Texas musicians are ready to bask in the recognition they've so long deserved. Better still, they won't have to wait much longer, as the Texas Musicians Museum is set to open in Irving on Saturday, July 25. Housed in the remodeled former home of a Toyota dealership at 222 E. Irving Blvd it will feature all manner of artifacts from most every genre, from an early Dimebag Darrell guitar to items from Willie Nelson and Destiny's Child. The space will also feature an “outdoor music garden” that will play host to live performances.

The following month, another big celebration of Texas music will go down at the Gilley's complex, which will play host to one of four Lone Star Beer Texas Heritage Festival dates. The August 22 concert will feature headliners Old 97's along with Austin outfits The Black Angels, Grupo Fantasma and Dale Watson and Corpus Christi soul group Latasha Lee & the Blackties.

Even sooner, Fort Worth will celebrate its music scene with its 18th annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards. In conjunction with that event, 48 nominated acts — including Son of Stan, Quaker City Night Hawks, Oil Boom and Jake Paleschic — will perform free sets throughout the West 7th corridor. That will go down this Sunday, June 28.

In addition to the showcase, that publication will put out its sixth annual charity comp, a disc that'll feature previously unreleased tracks that were recorded at Eagle Audio for this very purpose tracks. Such nominated acts Son of Stan, Chucho and The Blank-Men can be found on that one, which you can stream below right now, although that shouldn't stop you from throwing down a few bills for a physical copy at the showcase. The proceeds will be donated towards local charity Lena Pope.

Not content to bask in all this newfound attention or simply pat themselves on the back, a whole bunch of other local acts have continued to churn out new material worth shedding a bit more light on.

For instance, a week from today, Radioactivity will release its sophomore LP. You don't have to wait that long to hear it, however, as the whole thing became available to stream earlier today via Noisey, which also interviewed members of the band to acknowledge said occasion. Check out Silent Kill below.

Then there's These Machines Are Winning which has been quite busy of late, as the collective of visual artists, filmmakers and musicians has been working on a new series of graphic novels called Slaves for Gods, the subject matter of which has also inspired its new album, KURU, and its music videos. You can hear the band talk more about the project and some of the entities behind it here. Or you can see some of those efforts culminate in the band's new music video, which features Nikki Cage and Dan Phillips of True Widow on vocal duties.

It's been even longer since we've heard from Telegraph Canyon, which hasn't put out an album since 2009's The Tide and the Current. Finally, though, the band's prepped a new seven-inch, Why Let it Go, which was originally set to be released at a show at The Chat Room tonight. While that show's been rescheduled for a later date due to a death in the family, a member or two from the band will have copies of the release for sale at the bar tonight all the same. Before that, however, you can stream it below. Furthermore, we've gotten word that these tracks will also be included on a full-length called You From Before that will earn its release on July 31.

It's also been a fair amount of time since The Chemical Brothers put out anything new. That changed, of course, this week when the electronic duo released a new single called “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” which features St. Vincent on vocals. That one will appear on its Born in the Echoes LP that comes out July 17.

Also due out later this summer is the new EP from Brave Young Lion, which the band recorded with Midlake's McKenzie Smith and Joey McClellan. Ahead of its release, the band just put out the first single, a track called “Girls” that many a P1 will recognize as the original version of Norm Hitzges' Tuesday show open that went into rotation when the band's drummer/guitarist Hunter Cannon interned at The Ticket last summer. Look for that one in late July.

Then, in August, Slobberbone frontman Brent Best will release his first-ever solo album via Last Chance Records. In the meantime, you can hear Your Dog, Champ tracks “Aunt Ramona” and “Queen Bee” streaming here leading up to the August 7 release.

Another new track comes from Fort Worth's Missing Sibling, which comes with an interesting note from guitarist Drew Gabbert: “While recording the lead outro guitar line on this song at 4:08 my headphones fell off and the cable for the cans pinged against the strings in such a way to make that righteous squeal noise at just the right time. It was a magic moment that cannot be duplicated. Then, flying blind the rest of the way without being able to hear the track, I was guessing where I was at and that gives it the slowing down to a soft landing kind of feel to it. Music is a pretty cool thing, huh? A moment in time that is captured and never to be replicated again.”

Hear what he's talking about below.

Other worthwhile new tracks this week come from Zach Witness, who recently remixed Future's “Move That Dope;” a new one from The Longshots's Much Mango seven-inch that's being released on a special edition mango-colored vinyl via Mock Records; and Sundae Crush's latest, a new track called “Chatroom Messages” that sounds way too good to simply be a demo. All three knocked it out of the park and can be streamed below.

Meanwhile, Rhett Miller released a new video for The Traveler's lead single, “Most in Summertime,” earlier today via Salon. It' an oddly depressing clip for an upbeat summer jam, and you can stream it below.

Finally, here's a fun note to go out on: Oil Boom's “One-Time Used-To-Be” from 2012's Gold Yeller is featured in the new trailer for Lily Tomlin's new indie comedy Grandma, which was the closing night film at Sundance earlier this year. Aside from also starring Laverne Cox and Marcia Gay Harden, the movie looks pretty damn funny, we gotta say. Watch the trailer below.

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