We’re Helping Bring Lil B To Town For His First-Ever Dallas Show.

We here at Central Track could not be more thankful to BasedGod for this rare announcement we’re about to share with you: On Thursday, August 1, in the big room at the Prophet Bar, we, along with our friends at Tactics Productions and Transmission Entertainment, will be hosting the debut Dallas performance from the one and only Lil B.

Yes, folks, this is happening. Prepare yourselves.

Not entirely familiar with Lil B and the Based way of life? Well, it’s definitely in your best interest to take some time and acclimate yourself with the man who just might be the most influential rapper of the decade.

For now, here are some fast facts on the emcee with the insanely devoted underground fanbase:
• The 23-year old Lil B, born Brandon McCartney, hails from Berkeley, California.
• He first broke through into the spotlight as a member of the group The Pack, whose hyphy skateboard anthem, “Vans,” blew up on a national level back in ’06.
• In the wake of that hit single, Lil B rose to fame as a solo artist and basically created an entire lifestyle to go along with his music. His so-called “Based” centers around all things positive and encourages optimism, happiness and an appreciation for everything in life.
• In the past few years alone, Lil B has released hundreds, if not thousands, of songs, in addition to countless mixtapes, two two classical albums and a collaboration with his cat, Keke.
• He served as a guest lecturer at New York University, and his unscripted speech to those students was pretty much amazing.
• He pretty much owns the Internet (see: His Twitter account.)
• And, just last week, Lil B voiced his public support for Wendy Davis ) and released his latest mixtape, 100 Percent Gutta.

Add all this up and you can start to see how basking in the BasedGod’s live presence is clearly in your best interest. Lucky you, then, that tickets to this August 1 will show go on sale for $20 a pop at this link, starting at noon this coming Wednesday (July 3).

In the meantime, brush up on your cooking and tell someone you love them.

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