Turns Out Lone Star Park Can’t Host Starfest After All — Not On The Dates That The Fest Has Been Promoting, Anyway. So Where Do Things Go From Here?

I mean, of course this shit was gonna happen, right?

After announcing over the weekend its plans to soldier on and move to Grand Prairie horse racing track Lone Star Park, the team over at Guidelive now reports that Starfest may have jumped the gun on that reveal.

How so? Well, according to a statement given by that venue’s marketing director Paul Monroe, the track has a scheduling conflict on Starfest’s proposed September 8 and 9 dates.

That said, Monroe tells Guidelive that he remains “in talks with [Starfest’s organizers] on moving the date back.”

On the one hand, a date move seems highly unlikely: If Starfest has indeed booked all the acts it claims to have booked, then the odds of being able to get those acts to move to a new date seem slim.

On the other hand, if the widely held suspicion turns out to be true that Starfest hasn’t actually confirmed all of the names it has announced — which is not at all out of reason, considering that the fest went ahead with announcing Lone Star Park as a new venue before that was firm — then pushing Starfest back to a to-be-determined later date could prove to be the hard reset that this festival truly needs.

Really! With a better sense of what they’re facing now, it’s possible that a somewhat fresh, later start could very much allow Starfest to right its ship. Of course, with its reputation sullied in the local press as well as in Billboard, would any self-respecting booking agents agree to send their clients these promoters’ way? It’s tough to say.

Granted, money cures all ills when it comes to situations like these. And, according to multiple sources we’ve spoken with who say they’ve held meetings with Starfest’s organizers, Starfest genuinely seems to be working with a hefty operating budget. But that too could be all talk! Ugh, who really knows what to believe at this point?

At least this much is undeniable: Whether Starfest happens at all, this whole soap opera continues to be incredibly entertaining.

And, yes, we’ll keep you posted as more news drops.

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