The Whole Nine Yards: In Honor Of Tony Romo’s Retirement From The NFL, Let’s Take A Look Back At 29 Times When His Greatness Was Name-Checked In Rap Songs.

This week, Tones Romes ended his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys so he could take up a spot in the NFL on CBS broadcasting booth.

He never won any Super Bowls, no. But the perennially underrated Jedi QB will still go down as one of the all-time great Cowboys, leaving his post as the team’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns thrown.

He’s also, far as we can tell, retiring as the team’s all-time leader in rap song name-checks. Perhaps that’s because, whereas the casual sports fan hasn’t always been quick to recognize Romo’s greatness, the sports-adoring hip-hop set has. Sure, maybe some of it has to do a little bit with the fact that Romo is an easy rhyme with words and phrases like “promo” and “no homo,” and probably a lot to do with the fact that Romo’s No. 9 number is also slang for a weapon, but if the dude couldn’t ball, these rappers likely wouldn’t bother.

There’s a reason, for instance, that there aren’t many songs about Mark Sanchez.

To that end, and in honor of Romo entering into the next chapter of his life, we present the following collection of 29 tracks — out of many more — in which mainstream rappers have name-checked Romo’s abilities.

Sure, Ezekiel Elliot might think that Romo has terrible taste in music, but it turns out that some great music has good taste in quarterbacks.

A Tribe Called Quest — “We the People…”

Lyric: “Dreaming of a world that’s equal for women with no division / Boy, I tell you that’s vision / Like Tony Romo when he hitting Witten / The Tribe be the best in they division.”

Ghostface Killah — “2getha Baby”

Lyric: “Got a few friends that give they cake to whores / Me that’s a no-no, Starks take control of a chick / Then I go deep like Tony Romo / Kick ’em right out and the day starts over”

A$AP Rocky — “Pretty Flacko (Remix)” (feat. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Pharrell).

Lyric: “Gucci going loco, had that cocoa loco / Shorty say I fucked her, I don’t really know, though / These ladies want a hug, baby want a photo / Blue and white diamonds bitch, I’m so Tony Romo”

Macklemore – “American”

Lyric: “Pop a pill, get a boner! / Hell yeah / Tony Romo / Man that guy is so damn cute / I wanna sack his boner / And ride him broke back / All the way to Wyoming / No homo, psych! / Hey I said no homo”

Lil’ Jay — “Competition Domination.”

Lyric: “These for the niggas that don’t know / I be throwin’ bullets Tony Romo”

Migos — “9 On Me (feat Chief Keef)”

Lyric: “Ima’ cowboy, cause i got that 9 on me / Tony Romo, grah grah get away from me / All my goons like linemen, you can’t get no sack from me / I took your bitch, I smashed your bitch, left her at the Double Tree / They call me Tony Romo, 9 on me, its solo / Got goons with me that’ll hit your ass up, nigga I ain’t talking bout no homo”

O.T. Genasis — “CoCo Part 2 (feat. Jeezy & Meek Mill)”

Lyric: “I ain’t playin’ ’bout this nine / I will shoot this bitch up like I’m Shyne / Dropped a foe, quarterback, Tony Romo”

Lil Wayne – “Back On My Grizzly”

Lyric: “You niggas suck like Tony Romo, no homo / And I’m all about my money, I get paid for promo”

Bangladesh – “100 (feat. 2 Chainz, Jadakiss, Pusha T)”

Lyric: “Had a plan and stuck to it, you fuckboys is stuck boy / Bangladesh new shit ropin’ like a cowboy / On my Tony Romo shit, you niggas just some towel boys”

Rick Ross — “Veteran’s Day (feat. Lil Wayne, Birdman)”

Lyric: “If you want it you can get it, come and sign up / We got choppers that will put that Tony Romo 9 up”

Migos – “People’s Elbow”

Lyric: “My position is quarterback like Tony Romo / Pretty bitches show me cameltoes”

Chris Webby — “Down Right”

Lyric: “Hutt one, hutt two, let it go yo, Tony Romo with a bag full of homegrown / And my hat down so low, you can’t even tell it’s me up in the mother fucking photos, yo (yo)”

Dorrough — “Get Big (Remix feat. Puff Daddy, Yo Gotti, Bun B, Diamond D, Shawty Lo, Wiz Khalifa, Maino)”

Lyric: ‘Hey, first thing first, I hit the scene solo / I rep the triple D, Dirk Nowitzki Tony Romo / I can’t be touched, oh no, I’m flashy like a photo / My car paint like the AT&T logo”

Nicki Minaj — “I Feel Free (feat. Ron Browz, Red Cafe, Ricky Blaze)”

Lyric: “Rockstar, so Sunny Bono / Cowboy, so Tony Romo / Shake down shawty, that’s the logo / Feel free, fuck the po-po”

Post Malone — “Beerbongs & Bentleys (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)”

Lyric: “Got diamonds by the boatload / Come with the Tony Romo / For causing all the bozos”

IamSu! — “Plan B (feat. Dizzy Wright)”

Lyric: ‘I’m the biggest thing since Mac Dre / Same afro same mojo / All that dough you don’t throw, Tony Romo”

Migos – “Trap Life”

Lyric: “Got birds flying like Dumbo but I keep a 9 like Rondo / I locked the game, I got the code / Cash coming fast that pronto / Making plays, Tony Romo / Two bad bitches, they homo”

Joe Budden — “Ransom Note”

Lyric: “And I ain’t gettin shit outta this, I should stop it / But Tony Romo niggas stay gettin outta pocket”

T.I. — “Yeah (feat. Lil Wayne)”

Lyric: “Five mil on the tour no promo / I’m at the pussy niggas house no homo / (No homo, they suck like Tony Romo / So fuck them and fuck you too / Now go tell that to Bono)”

2 Chainz — “Flossin”

Lyric: “I pulled up in that 4 door , oh no / Keep the 9 on me Tony Romo”

Juicy J – “Workin Hard”

Lyric: “And I got the iron on me, bitch I’m never solo / Watch how quick I throw a bullet at yo ass, Tony Romo”

David Banner – “Who’s That”

Lyric: “Every verse from now on is a muthafuckin Quote / For you f*ggot ass rappers, bending over for the soap / Yelling pause grand dad, NO ____ / Star bitches in the crowd like I’m Tony Romo”

Chris Brown — “Big Dreams.”

Lyric: “Tony Romo with the 9, out in Dallas, running laps / Hail Mary to LA, baby I can bring you bag”

Lil Yachty — “Lil Bitch (Remix feat. Nessly, Spaceli Vietnam, Mista Splurge, Colby Crump, Yung Rhubarb, Butch Dawson)”

Lyric: “But you a cop like robo / No homo, bullets hit his ass, Tony Romo / Your MCM ain’t cool, he dressed like a hobo”

Masta Ace — “Hands High (feat. Jamelle Bundy, Edo. G)”

Lyric: “We cowboy these rappers like Tony Romo / Rip they posters, spit on they logo / Open the ProTools, erase they vocals”

Meek Mill — “I’m Killin’ Em (feat. Red Cafe)”

Lyric: “I’m a rock star you can call me Sonny Bono / I’m a cowboy you can call me Tony Romo”

Chief Keef – “Nun to Me”

Lyric: “Tony Romo bitch, I got my nine on me / Smoke his ass like some Vienna beef / She wanna smoke some earth and get up off some lean / I told her ass to fuck with me”

Hoodie Allen – “Get It Big Time”

Lyric: “Hail Mary, Tony Rome / I just go big, Let them suckers go home”

Tyga – “Muthafucka Up (feat. Nicki Minaj)”

Lyric: “Niggas want beef call me Tony Romo / You potatoes on the sofa / Lazy muthaf-ckas why you ain’t even trying / Rich or die trying why you niggas ain’t died yet?”

Stitches — “Pussy Card”

Lyric: “I’m a boss like Gambino / AK with the extendo / Then I go, take yo ho / Touchdown in that pussy / Like I’m Tony Romo / I’m lovin’ life, I’m lovin’ life / Just killed that boy then fucked his wife”

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