New Music From Matt Tedder, Soy Babies, Conner Youngblood, Eisley and More.

Welcome to Songs of the Week, where we hip you to all the new local releases you should be caring about. By putting them all together here in one place, our hope is that you can spend less time searching for relevant new releases and more time giving each one of these jams the proper shine they so deserve. OK? OK.

Matt Tedder — “Down the Road.”
RIYL: Starting the journey.
What else you should know: Newly 21-year-old Matt Tedder may be the youngest performer affiliated with local booking outfit 13th Floor, but you wouldn’t know that by listening to him perform. Already with a namesake beer under his belt, the rootsy blues rocker will add to that a debut EP on October 8. Produced by Texas Gent wrangler Beau Bedford, and featuring some of that roster’s associated talent, it’s sure to be the lightning rod that really jolts the kid’s career.

Bullet Machine — Jinkies…It’s Bullet Machine!.
RIYL: Putting words in people’s mouths.
What else you should know: Hey, remember when Bullet Machine said, “Hey, remember when Central Track said, ‘Bullet Machine is more fun than drinking flaming Jager Bombs with Phi Betas at Punk Society!'”? We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves.

Eisley — “Defeatist.”
RIYL: Demonstrating expectation or acceptance of failure.
What else you should know: Sherri DuPree-Beemis has called the band’s upcoming fifth LP “classic Eisley,” referring its true-to-form dreamy sound and, as she puts it, “melodic, moody pop.” The album won’t come out until sometime in 2017, though, Billboard helps bridge the gap with the premiere of this first single.

Ishi — Juno EP.
RIYL: Coming around.
What else you should know: Like I wrote in one of the weekend “things to do” blurbs re: Ishi’s album release show at Trees this Saturday, the band’s never really been one of my favorites in town, though this new set of tracks is making a believer out of even me. Harder hitting and more to the point, I think even the staunchest Ishi naysayer would be quick to agree this is their most solid and appealing effort to date.

Botany — “Needam / Wish To.”
RIYL: Silly sound art.
What else you should know: The electronic music equivalent of free jazz, Botany’s newest LP of sound collages drops October 14. But BandCamp went ahead and included the above track on a recent comp of new stuff it was excited about. So, um, get excited.

Conner Youngblood .
RIYL: Living in a state of Texas.
What else you should know: It’s been a big year for Mr. Youngblood, who released an EP back in April and signed to Ninja Tune. He’s back with more chill tuneage that, again, comes off as way compelling despite seemingly not going anywhere, really. Considering his local ties, we’d prefer to believe this song is about the North Texas city, though there are also Sulphur Springs’ in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Arizona.

Post Malone — “Déjà Vu.”
RIYL: Calling me on my cellphone.
What else you should know: “Baby, it ain’t nothin’ new, no” both Post and his tourmate Justin Bieber take turns singing on this team-up single from the former’s upcoming Stoney LP. They aren’t the only ones experiencing déjà vu here, though, as sites like Pitchfork and tons of others have quipped that they feel like they’ve heard this song, back when it was called “Hotline Bling.”

Norah Jones — “Flipside.”
RIYL: Saying that things are your bag, baby.
What else you should know: When we heard the first single from Jones’ forthcoming album, we wondered if she was going to lean sort of country and western this time around. But its follow-up, this fun little fusion number is here to say, “Na.” It’s a cool tune that’s more suited to soundtracking a new Austin Powers flick than spurring any two-stepping.

Tangerine Dream — “Stranger Things Theme.”.
RIYL: Seals of approval.
What else you should know: If anything has absorbed the net’s collective attention more than Trump, Harambe or the Stranger Things title font, it’s probably that show’s theme song. (See also: this mashup of the Twin Peaks and Stranger Things themes.) Said to be inspired by Tangerine Dream’s straight to VHS horror soundtracks from the ’80s, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein got the ultimate cosign from their heroes when the electronic legends turned back around and covered their theme. Pretty cool.

S U R V I V E — “A.H.B.” and “Wardenclyffe.”
RIYL: Piggybacking off your success.
What else you should know: Speaking of Dixon and Stein, their other band, the Austin-based S U R V I V E has a new LP out on September 30 as well, via Relapse. What can I say, if you liked the Stranger Things stuff, this isn’t a far cry from that material at all.

EATQS — “Powdery Blue.”
RIYL: Watching static on TV and calling it snow.
What else you should know: Ethereal and the Queer Show seems to preferring using the abbreviated form of its name these days, and that’s cool — so long as they keep pumping out jams like the ones that have made their Fairy Super Crystal Blue LP one of our favorite releases of the year so far. In addition to those 13 tracks, another new song just came out via a compilation put together by its Birmingham, Alabama label Noumenal Loom. Very cool, and available via cassette.

Essay EyE — Over 9,000!!!.
RIYL: Doing the fusion dance.
What else you should know: Taking its name from a well-known Dragon Ball Z scene, Essay EyE peppers in plenty of references to Anime, videogames, sci-fi flicks and comic books. And yet there’s no possible universe that this effort would be considered nerdcore. Essay EyE doesn’t go out of his way to make silly raps or play up his fandom, rather he’s just a legit rapper spitting rhymes about things he knows and loves. It makes a massive difference.

Jacob Furr — Sierra Madre.
RIYL: Pedro and/or the Lion.
What else you should know: Fort Worth singer-songwriter Furr, exhibits some newfound grit on his sophomore LP, especially on tracks “Sierra Madre,” “Estacado” and “Easy Waves.” Elsewhere the subdued storyteller lets out his inner Dave Bazan on this worthy follow-up that even outshines its well-received predecessor.

Soy Babies.
RIYL: Starting young.
What else you should know: The members of Fort Worth’s Soy Babies range in age from 17 to 22. There’s a really charming naivety to this batch of songs — even when they’re singing about killing babies. Britt Robisheaux recently called this debut effort one of the best albums he’s ever been able to work on, which is some lofty praise, considering he’s recorded pretty much everyone in the Fort at this point.

Curtis Mayz — “Control” Freestyle.
RIYL: Big Sean.
What else you should know: Ahead of his Real.Life.Raps album releasing next Wednesday, King Curtis freestyles over the Big Sean song that made Kendrick the king of both New York and the Coast.

Rikki Blu — “Circles.”
RIYL: Being liberal with the unfollow button.
What else you should know: A couple weeks ago, Rikku Blu dropped a new tune called “WAR” that was produced by up-and-comer @Cassicwav. The strength of that one helped net the young producer 100 followers on Twitter. To celebrate, the duo released another joint effort. It’s a little more downtempo than we’re used to from Rikki Blu, but yet another solid cut nevertheless.

RVNES — “Code 10.”
RIYL: Fine women.
What else you should know: Atlanta producer/rapper RVNES always seems to get more love for the featured rappers on his tracks than his own verses. Case in point. It’s Little Ronny Motha F and Fat Pimp doing all the scene-stealing this time around. Also, lol that the new slang attempting to be coined here is a reference to walking into a club and being overwhelmed by the amount of quote-unquote talent there.

Matt Tedder cover image by Kaye Askins.
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