Check Out the Under-the-Seas Vibes of the Eclectic EDM Producer’s Vibe-y New Instrumental Single.

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Medasin – “Mr Skitters.”
RIYL: Playing Ecco the Dolphin.
What else you should know: After helping invent the ultra niche TrapHouseJazz sub-subgenre back in 2015, with the help of saxophonist Masego and their wildly popular Pink Polo EP, the Dallas bedroom producer has continued dabbling in a wide range of new styles. The only common tie? The production quality is primo, and sounds he summons are sonically pristine.

It’s that kind of thicc and buttery toneage that helped the atypical EDM – if you can even really classify it as that, tbh – of his experimental debut LP Irene rack up over 45 million plays on Spotify last year.

For his latest trick, he summons that Big Aquatic Energy, diving underwater and making a vibe-y instrumental track that one Soundcloud user commented should now be used by every aquarium to signify the kickoff of their IMAX show.

I don’t see how I’m expected to come up with a better descriptor than that.

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